Jennifer Cully
LPGA & PGA Golf & Teaching Professional

Jennifer Cully has played the game of golf for 31 years and taught professionally as a qualified member of both the PGA of America and the LPGA for more than 20 years. She boasts a successful and strong competitive background even competing at the highest level in women’s golf, an LPGA Major. Even with all of her playing experience she is driven by her true love of teaching and growing the game of golf to students of all ages and abilities.

Jennifer’s instructional knowledge is vast and her teaching style varies depending on the student in front of her. She understands that each and every student comes to the lesson tee with their own goals for the game, past experiences and physical strengths and weaknesses that accumulate to make up who they are and what their needs may be. She strives to educate her students in a clear and simple manner communicating in the best style to match her student, whether it be visually through video analysis, talking, demonstrating or hands on by putting the student in new positions to accomplish a different feel of movement.

Jennifer is dedicated to learning and has attended over 100 golf teaching educational seminars conducted by leaders in the world of golf instruction, sports psychology, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, bio-mechanics and golf specific fitness. She believes and enjoys the motto of “never stop learning” and relishes in exploring new ways to communicate and coach the great game of golf. She has won numerous awards for her golf instruction and gives back to her teaching peers by serving the past 9 years as an LPGA National Evaluator and a Member Advisor for the LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals.

Recent Golf Recognition and Achievements

  • 2012, 2011 & 2010 Golf Digest Magazine “Best 50 Golf Women Golf Instructors in America”
  • 2012 – 2008 LPGA “Top 50 Teacher”
  • 2006, 2007, 2010 Certified Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Instructor
  • US Kids Honorable Mention “Top Kids Teacher” Level I
  • 2003 – 2009 Golf for Women Magazine “Top 50 Teacher”
  • 2005 Golf Magazine “Top Regional Teacher – Florida”
  • 2004 LPGA “Southeast Section Teacher of the Year”

Golf Tournament Accomplishments

  • Winner of the 2012 LPGA National Team Championship
  • Winner of the 2012 LPGA Southeast Section Championship
  • Winner of the 2012 United States Hickory Golf Championship
  • LPGA Tour Experience
  • Former member LPGA/SBC Futures Tour
  • PGA Womens Stroke Play Champion
  • Michigan Womens Open Champion
  • Graduate Illinois State University – Scholarship athlete Women’s Golf Team

Student Testimonials

I cannot say enough great things about Jennifer Cully. Jennifer’s instruction is unique to each student and personalized to each individual’s skill level. She makes it “easy” to understand the golf swing and the game of golf. For me, Jennifer has helped me fall in love with the game again. Under Jennifer’s instruction, I have won three Delaware State Women’s Amateur championships and have competed in various national amateur tournaments. I would highly recommend taking lessons from Jennifer if you want to improve your game for whatever level of competition you are interested in!
Meghan Adams Perry (Wilmington, Delaware)

Jen has been my teacher for 5 years. Jen took me from a 38 handicap to a 15 handicap. I found Jen when I was reading Golf for Women and she was listed as a Top 50 Teacher who lived in my general area. I have to drive about 25 miles each way to have my lessons with Jen. The fact that I am willing to drive that far is a testimony to Jens skill as a teacher. The reason she is so good is because she speaks in a language I understand. When she tells me what I need to do, I understand it immediately. Jen has an incredible eye and can discern immediately what needs to be fixed in order to correct something in a swing or a stroke. She understands the uniqueness of each student and accommodates her language and her teaching focus to the student’s need. I have met others who are Jen’s students and we all have the same observations. Jen has a great memory too. She keeps excellent records of lessons given so she can always tell you about your progress or know what was taught at any given time. She is patient and funny and besides being a great golf teacher, she is a delight to be with.
Grace Armstrong (St. Petersburg, Fl.)

Pete Morgan
Assistant Golf and Teaching Professional

Pete has been a Teaching and Club Professional at Apollo Beach Golf Club since 2003. Pete brings much experience from:

  • More than 75 Professional wins on National Mini-Tours
  • Four Year Member on the PGA Nationwide Tour
  • Participation in numerous PGA events

Pete’s focus in teaching the “game of golf” is not only the fundamentals but the moral and ethics that surround the wonderful game of golf. Pete loves working with all golfers – beginners, juniors and seasoned professionals.