Lesson Toppic Descriptions

Putting – Lower your scores by learning the art of putting. In this clinic you will learn about your equipment, key fundamentals of the putting stroke and set up, reading the green and distance control on the green

Chipping – Master the art of getting closer to the hole from the edge of the green. In this clinic you will learn how to set up for and hit a bump and run shot with a mid iron and a short chip shot with a lofted iron.

Pitch Shots – Get up and over the bunker and land the ball on the green with ease. This clinic will teach you a pitch shot with distances ranging from 15-40 yards using a lofted wedge.

Intro to Full Swing – In this clinic, using a short iron, you will learn fundamentals of set up for iron play and develop an efficient and effective swing for you to get the ball airborne to fly with accuracy toward your target.

Hybrids and Fairway Woods – This clinic will teach you to become more consistent with fairway shots that require distance. You will learn important equipment features and keys of setting up and swinging hybrids and fairway woods.

Tee Shots – This clinic will emphasize developing power and accuracy with your driver or favorite golf club you use from the tee box. The importance of club fitting will also be discussed to best match your equipment to your swing.

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